Double Arm Open Type Kneader
Double Arm Open Type Kneader:

The KD double-arm kneader is available with a variety of blades in different shapes as well as with number of discharging methods and mixing conditions. This KD double arm kneader has already achieved considerable renown in a wide range of industries that deal with such high and medium-viscosity materials as adhesives, agglutinates magnetic materials and chemical material mixing.


Banbury Type Lade
  • Adhesives
  • Hot-Melt materials
  • Sealing Materials
  • Ceramics
  • Magnetic compounds
  • Silicon Rubber

Sigma Type Blade
  • Printing inks
  • Tapes
  • Pigments
  • Thermosetting Resins
  • Chemicals
Double Arm Open Type Kneader
Modle Total Capacity(Liter) Working Capacity(liter) Main Motor(HP)
KD-50-10/15/20/30N 100Liters 50Liters 10/15/20/30
KD-100-10/20/30/50N 200Liters 100Liters 10/20/30/50
KD-200-20/30/50/75N 350Liters 200Liters 20/30/50/75
KD-300-30/50/75/100N 500Liters 300Liters 30/50/75/100
KD-400-30/50/75/100N 700Liters 400Liters 30/50/75/100
KD-500-30/50/75/100N 850Liters 500Liters 30/50/75/100