Taper Twin-Screw Sheet Performing Machine
Sheet Pre-forming for Rubber, Plastic & Chemical Industries
This new model TAPER TWIN-SCREW SHEETS PREFORMING MACHINE usage for the rubber compound mixing after DISPERSION KNEADER conveying to the hopper of this machine to go extruding and rolling for sheet. This machine not only simply to operate but also upgrading the work efficiency, and may go with the mixer to do the integrated production
Taper Twin-Screw Sheet Performing Machine
Model SPM-75 SPM-110 SPM-200 SPM-300
Exetruder Power 20HP 130HP 50HP 75HP
Roller Power 10HP 15HP 25HP 50HP
Output/Per hr 800L 1250L 2400L 3600L
Sheeting Width(mm) 450 550 650 750
Roller DIA. 12" 14" 16" 18"
Roller Lenth 550 650 750 850
Extruder R.P.M. 1.5-15 1.5-15 1.5-15 1.5-15
Roller R.P.M. 1-10 1-10 1-10 1.5-15
Hopper Size 750X750 800X800 950X950 1050X1050